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21 June 2006

Official presentation of the DerivaGem project by the team at ENPC

12 June 2006

Welcome to ! We are please to present the first version of the site. It is far from being complete but it already have some useful working tools :

Online Pricers with detailed results and graphics :
     - Equity (Vanilla, Binary, Lookback, Asian)
     - Fixed Income (Swap, Cap/Floor, Swaptions)
     - Other Tools (Vasicek estimation, Debt pricing)

Excel Add-ins
     - Vanilla add-in with spreadsheet
     - SABR volatility model and calibration

We hope you will enjoy the site, don't hesitate to drop us a note at

The DerivaGem Team

Guillaume Boyeux
Daniel Cai
Gejia Ouyang


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